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Tournament Name Type Buy In Prize Day Frequncy Time
Welcome Signup Freeroll Rebuy without addon Ticket 5000.00 Monday Weekly 07-Dec-2020 06:59 PM
750 GTD Rebuy Rebuy without addon 11 750.00 -- Daily vary
500 GTD Rebuy Rebuy without addon 6 500.00 -- Daily vary
Freeroll 500 No Rebuy 0 500.00 -- Daily vary

Online Poker Tournaments in India. is not a new game; the game has been there for centuries now. The popularity of the game increased further with its launch on online platforms. Virtual poker got so popular among the masses that people started participating in the tournaments. The number of players who participate in poker tournaments in India grew manifolds during this lockdown as it gave them the opportunity to play and earn from the safety of their homes. Online Poker Tournaments in India.

Apart from ease of playing from home, there are a few more reasons to participate in online poker tournaments. Here are the top five benefits among them. real money

1. A technique to gain experience

You can participate in poker tournaments in India with a relatively smaller amount of money and still can win big. This helps you slowly gain experience and improve your game over time by playing against poker pros. Further, as you put less amount at stake, the risk of losing is also low. Online Poker Tournaments in India Daily Freeroll Tournaments

2. Flexibility

Unlike land-based poker, there is no time limit of the game. You can start and stop the game based on the availability of time or the internet connection. Further, the online poker also gives you the flexibility to play from any device and from the point where you left off. Online Poker Tournaments in India.

3. More participants, more profit

Multi-tabling is one of the best reasons to participate in live online poker tournaments. This is the feature available only in the online poker where you can play on more than one table visible on the screen. This gives you the freedom to play more hands on multiple tables in the same session and win more money. Online Poker Tournaments in India. hand rankings

4. No fear of opponent reading your ‘tells’

The loophole of playing in a casino is the fear of the opponent reading your poker tells, which is not there in an online game. No matter how carefully you play, unconsciously, you end-up revealing a lot about your poker-faced by giving 'tells'. If you are playing against a pro, they can easily get an idea about your cards with your actions like breath, talk, bluff and reaction to certain situations. However, there is no such fear in an online poker tournament that you play at your home. Texas Hold’em Online Poker Tournaments in India.

5. Analysis

When playing online tournaments, you can first analyse yourself by checking the past statistics. It will help you can understand your weaknesses and strengths that will further help you improve your game and win more hands in future.

Tips to participate in online poker tournaments

It might sound exciting to participate in poker tournaments in India, but you still need to be careful when playing. Here are some tips for you:. Online Poker Tournaments in India.

  • Stay slow and steady
  • Don't get tempted by players playing high stakes
  • Start with the low bets and increase your stakes slowly
  • Wait for the best cards to put large stakes
  • Don't get tempted by the large payoff as it can divert you from the cards

  • Now you know the benefits of poker tournament, it’s time to participate in Poker Tournament

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