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New To Poker?- Learn About Poker

Poker is a game that is played with a deck of 52 cards. It is a kind of a gambling game that challenges your luck and expertise. In this game, opponents bet money as per their pocket. Online Poker games have changed the complete picture of traditional Poker. The operational cost has been reduced to a large extent. Now there is no need for a room to play Poker. One can play Poker online 24/7 with no geographical restrictions. Poker games come in various forms. For example, Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and many others. Each game has its significance and excitement. This shift from traditional to modern Poker games attracted a hike in Poker players. It is expected that this number will grow in the future.

What Are The Most Popular Poker Games?

Poker games were introduced to bring some excitement to the life of players. Some Poker games are popular among players as compared to others. Online Poker games websites mostly cover renowned games only. Texas Hold’em always rocks the list of Poker games. It is on players which game they choose to play. Here is the list of games to play Poker online.

Texas Hold’em

This is the top game in the list of Poker games that are mostly seen in films. It includes two hole cards and five community cards facing up. No matter how strategic and skillful a player is, Texas Hold’em brings new surprises every time.

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Pot-Limit Omaha

If Texas Hold’em is full of action, Pot-Limit Omaha also offers a new height to players. This game has achieved similar recognition as Texas Hold’em. Except for a few game rules and betting limits, everything is similar in Pot-Limit Omaha.Unlike Texas Hold’em which takes two cards initially, Pot-Limit Omaha takes four cards. In the case of variation and Poker hands, this game requires four cards and not two. Omaha develops action throughout the path.

Casino Stud Poker

This is a unique Poker game. Now the question is What is unique about it?In Casino Stud Poker, Every player bets against the dealer. Yes, you heard it right! In this game, The player does not play opposite another player. This makes the game furthermore interesting. The rules for this game are similar to 5 card stud except the dealer displays only one card throughout the game.The dealer and player play for 5 cards.If the player defeats the dealer one strong card then the player wins the match.If the player failed to defeat the bet by the dealer then all his wagering returned to him.

Casino Hold’em

Similar to Casino Stud Poker, this game also offers a chance to play against the dealer and come up with top five-card Poker hands. The thing that makes it different is both parties can deal with 2 cards only. If the player gets success in the top five cards, He becomes the winner.

How to Play Poker Online?

Online Poker games gained popularity in a short time. Every single day new players are joining this battle. People play Poker online for different reasons. Some play it to spend time with friends and family while others see it as a career. How to Play Poker Online

Earlier, Online Poker games were played in a room with a deck of 52-cards made it inaccessible for all who wanted to play Poker. The Internet made it in the reach of everyone. Now anyone can play Poker with no location and time restrictions. Now the question arises: How to play Poker online?

Most of the newbies find it difficult to adapt skills for Poker. This required them to go through a step by step guide on how to play online Poker games. Poker comes in various forms. it’s upon the player which game he likes to play. Let us understand in detail.

Texas Hold’em

Variety in games is the reason behind the popularity of online Poker games. Texas Hold’em is one of the best game forms of online Poker. Let us understand how to play Poker in Texas Hold’em?The fine motto of Texas Hold’em poker and other forms of Poker game are to secure every bet placed against an opponent.Texas Hold’em Poker rules are as easy as that you can learn them in a short time. Learning rules would not make you master in this game. To become well versed in this game takes time and hard work in brushing up your skills.

How to Play Texas Hold’em- Everything You Should Know

Texas Hold’em Poker requires a minimum of two players and can be played with a maximum of ten players. This game excludes Joker from the deck of 52cards and takes Ace as the highest-ranking card and 2 as the lowest one. However, it is not the case in every situation because some hands take Ace as the lowest card.Initially, the game coordinator offers two cards to all the Poker players. Throughout the betting, The dealer places 5 community cards on the Poker table. At the end of the game, the player who wins three community cards and 2 best cards are declared as pot winner. Decide or think upon your best hand!.This crucial decision completely depends on Poker hand rankings. Hands in Poker take Royal flush at the highest rank and high card at the lowest rank.

Ways To Play Poker Online

Poker games majorly consist of forced bets named as the big blind and small blind in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Initial bets include pot in a Poker hand and betting ahead expands the pot size.

Action that a player can take

The game starts with the pre-flop round. The player that starts the game can choose from call raise and fold. Here are the possible actions that a Poker player can take.

Raise-: Online Poker players who have winning cards may like to raise the wager. It could be above the bet of the big blind. The amount one can bet restricts to Poker table limits.

Call-: if a Poker player aspires to be in the game, he should call the wager by the big blind. This simply means a player needs to wager an equal amount as the big blind.

Fold-: This option is for a player who has lost their good hands. He must not play the game further. The Player has the choice to fold his Poker cards in any wagering round. Once the player folds his cards, He loses the opportunity to secure the pot and all the money he won till that round.

Flop-: In this option, the dealer places the three best community cards on the Poker table. The rules for this action are similar to rules for pre-flop except few.The player needs to wager an amount equal to the big blind in case of Limit Hold'em and double up the amount in No-limit Hold’em.

Turn-: Once wagering on Flop round over, The dealer puts the next card that is known as Turn. Poker restart wagering depending on the card placed on the Poker table. It is similar to wagering on the flop but bet size can be twice in several games of turn and last round.

River-: In this round, The dealer places the final card on the Poker table. For the last time, Players bet against each other, and players with weak hands fold their hands.

Showdown-: If you know how to play Poker online then you should also learn about the showdown. This is the result declaration stage where the remaining players show their cards. The player with the best cards declared as the winner of the pot.

Betting Limits

This is an important aspect while playing Poker online. Betting limits define the amount that a player can bet. Here are three types of betting limits.

  • No limit- In these Poker games, players can wager and raise the as big amount as they afford.
  • Pot Limit - These Poker games restrict the amount of bet to the existing pot size.
  • Fixed Limit - In Fixed limit Poker games betting amount is decided in advance. Players can wager up to the provided limit.

Play Poker Online- India Best Websites In 2020

Browsing the web for best Poker websites in 2020? You are at the right place. To save your valuable time, We have discovered the list of top play Poker online websites. All these websites standout in our terms and offers like

  • Poker games for all (newbies to professionals)
  • Reliable payment modes
  • Variety of prize-winning tournaments and cash games.

Here is the list of best Indian Pokerwebsites in 2020

  • 1. Poker Stars
  • 2. Royal Panda
  • 3. GG Poker
  • 4. Poker Tempo
  • 5. Betway Casino
  • 6. Mericas Cardroom
  • 7. Spin Casino

These are the list of websites that run perfectly on all devices such as mobile, laptop and computer, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Online Poker Games?

Security of money is the reason you are ignoring online Poker games? Let me tell you it is perfectly safe and secure. Here are the benefits of playing Poker that one must know before ignoring it.

Improved Skills-: Focus is the key element that gets us many things in life. Poker refines your ability to focus, think faster, evaluate speed, IQ, and emotional intelligence.

Universal Accessibility-: Internet proved a boon for online Poker games as it made it accessible anytime, anywhere. No matter what device you use, it can be played on any device.

Wide Variety in Games-: No one can be bored of playing Poker as it offers variety in games. Every player may have a different choice. Most popular games include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 card stud, and many others.

Guaranteed Tournaments-: Top play Poker online websites conduct daily, weekly, and yearly rewarding tournaments for players. This maintains their interest and excitement level in the game. Poker Tournaments in India

Learning While Playing-: Traditional Poker games did not allow learning while playing. In online Poker games, beginners can play free Poker games and gain the opportunity to improve their skills.

What Are The Strategies That Can Be A Game-changer For You?

Poker, A game that can double your excitement. It is necessary to understand all the rules to get complete playing Poker online. No matter whether you play it for fun or to win interesting prizes and real money, online Poker games have surprises for all.

Do not forget to observe another side of Poker games. To become a champion, It is significant to follow expert tips. You may end up losing all the money if you do not follow the expert tips. However, you do not need to worry as we have come up with brilliant tips from experts. Follow these tips and complete your dream of a Poker champion.

These tips give you a strong base in forming a Poker strategy. Here are the tips that keep you on the winning track.

Avoid Using Multiple Hands

Your moves decide your destiny in Poker games. The use of multiple hands is the fault that every newbie is prone to commit. Consistency is the key to success in online Poker games. Experts suggest using a few hands initially. Once you get a hold over the game, You may increase the number of hands.Daily Freeroll Tournaments

Completely Avoid Bluffing

Newbies think bluffing is an interesting idea to get more rewards. This is not the reality. It is a must for beginners to know bluffing can turn into the loss of their valuable money.

Keep A Check On Rival Card

Holding a strong position in the game demands continuous check on a rival card. Knowing the next move of rivals can make you a winner. Also, it supports in developing an excellent strategy to become a champion in online Poker games.

Play For Small Limits First

A beginner online Poker player can not be a pro at instant. Playing Poker for high limits in the beginning without enough hold over the game can lead to loss of money. It is highly recommended for beginners to start playing Poker for small limits first. Later on, gradually increase the number of wins to bid on high limits.

If a beginner practices these tips in every online Poker game and nothing can stop him from winning the race of Poker champion.