Poker Affiliate Program For Influencers

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Winning Edge

PokerTempo's business model is easy to understand: the more traffic you send our way, the more you earn.

Untapped Potential

Based on your referral volume, your earning potential is limitless! The future is in your hands.

Viable Offers

Here we offer Viable deals and Custom Deals – we can match your preferences.

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Just Send traffic our way by promoting our leading poker brand, and leave the rest to us.

1. About Poker Tempo ?

Poker Tempo is India's largest online gaming app. PokerTempo is one of the most trusted online poker platforms, which provides a fun and exciting online poker experience to its users. Poker game formats on its app: NL Holdem, PL Omaha, and PL Omaha 5.

2. The Poker Tempo Affiliate Program

Want to be a poker affiliate for one of India's leading online poker platforms? You have come to the right place! PokerTempo affiliate program offers the top-notch benefits to its poker affiliates. Starting new as a poker affiliate might be daunting, but we are here to make your journey smooth and rewarding.

3. Who is a poker affiliate?

A poker affiliate is someone working for a poker website. Every time a player registers, makes real money deposits and plays cash tables on poker sites via affiliate links, the affiliate gets paid. A poker affiliate is a person who actively brings new players to an online poker website in exchange for affiliate commission/payment. By being our poker affiliate, you can earn extra money by promoting PokerTempo Online.Poker within your network and bringing new players to our online poker rooms.

4. Are you eligible to be an Poker Tempo affiliate?

If you are a poker influencer or have a big network of active poker players, then we are looking for you!

5. Quick & timely payments

Live poker affiliate dashboard to track your earnings and check the progress of your players, Extensive support from our affiliate management team.

6. How to sign up for the poker affiliate program?

Signing up for our poker affiliate program won't take more than a few minutes. Just send us a E-mail for the PokerTempo affiliate program. Once you have send the mail, sit back, relax, and let us process your request. Someone from our team will reach out to enroll you as our poker affiliate.

7. When can I expect to see some profit?

Patience is a virtue in many areas of life, and the poker affiliate business is one of them. You’re not going to become a millionaire overnight. That said, you can expect to see some profit after a couple of months. If you’re using the right marketing techniques, that profit will rise exponentially.