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The ongoing situation of the pandemic has sure made us learn to do things from home. Nevertheless, there always was the gamer community who maintained social distancing and played games online safe and sound. The community has thus multiplied because of the ongoing situation and one game has seen a significant rise in the number of players. The game being Online Poker. But what is the buzz about online poker anyway? Let’s get knowing that.


Poker is a gambling game of cards where people normally play with a deck. In poker, players bet against each other depending on the value of cards in their poker hand. Bets are customarily made with plastic discs called chips but bets may also be done with real money. As the game of poker ends, players either trade their chips for money, or the chips are calculated to determine the winners.

If the history of Poker is to be ascertained, As early as in the sixteenth century, Germans played a bluffing game termed "Pochen." It succeedingly developed into its French version known as "Poque". Accomplishing till the 1830s, this game was improved further and was adapted to be known as Poker. During the Civil War, this game of cards gained momentum, where the key rule was all about drawing cards to improve one's hand.

Much said about the history of Poker, the game has also taken a modern turn. Traditional poker is fading away as people now play poker online.

Poker Online

Online poker is commonly the traditional card game of poker played across the various gaming platforms available on the internet. There is a vast diversity of different online poker games sites that offer several varieties of poker with a wide array of games and stakes available. One can also simply play poker online for free on such sites.

The rules of online poker games are pretty much indistinguishable whether a person is playing a real poker game in person or up against other players online. Except for Online poker usually proves to be faster, is available with lesser risks as you get to play for smaller amounts as well and is more accessible.

Poker Online

The terms for online poker are quite minimal and there is a good possibility you can play on the same device that is in front of you now. These days there are a lot of real money poker apps easily available for your smartphones and tablets so you can play on the go. It doesn't really take much.

All you need to do is log in to any online poker website like that will equip you to play poker online without any hassle anytime and anywhere.

Real Money Poker

Online Poker has made playing Real Money Poker a thing already. While we talk on a worldwide level first real money poker playing dates back to 1998 and it has not looked back since then. When we talk of India, people do play poker online and the real money poker has also become popular amongst people. All one needs to do is log in to any of the online poker playing sites or apps, deposit money, play, bet, win and earn money back. The seamless format of the game, easy and safer deposits, as well as the cashouts, have allowed gamers to play and win real-time cash online just by sitting on their couches, in their homes.


Trust me the stats when it says people are winning big, real big!